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1600cc Engine . Bug 71-74
Product ID #: 1010  -   Ship Wt: 150 LBS.


1600cc Stock 'Dual Port' Longblock Engine

'71-'74 Bug and Ghia . Rail . Buggy . Kit Car . Trike

PRODUCT # 1010
Dual Port

  • Volkswagen Air-Cooled original model applications...
  • 1971-74 Bug.Ghia
  • Also: Buggy.Rail.KitKar.Trike
  • 12 Months / 12,000 Mile WARRANTY .. Details below.
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    Longblock Engine Features

  • Engine Case
  • Professionally Selected, Prepped and Remanufactured VW 'O.E.M. Factory Engine Case. Heavy Duty Alloy and Performance Ready!
  • NOTE: We will build your engine with a NEW VW O.E.M. Engine Case for the upgrade price of $ 645.00 .. a Discount of over $300.00.
    (Item #9003 in 'Options') Highly recommended for the ultimate in longevity and reliability .. please specify.
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Remanufactured Factory Cylinder Heads. Prepared to run at optimum performance on unleaded gas.
  • Prefer NEW Cylinder Heads? .. Available under 'Options and Upgrades'.
  • Camshaft . Valve Train
  • VW O.E.M. Camshaft...Remanufactured hand-selected. Remanufactured Rocker Shaft assemblies. Valve Adjuster Screws replaced. Carbon Steel Pushrods.
  • Crankshaft
  • Forged VW O.E.M. Crankshaft...Remanufactured
  • Connecting Rods
  • VW 'O.E.M.' Rods...Remanufactured. Balanced and Matched set.
  • Pistons
  • New High Quality AA Performance Pistons. New Rings, Cylinders and wrist pins.
  • Flywheel
  • Volkswagen Remanufactured Balanced Flywheel is installed.
    (Driveplate is installed on Automatic or Autostick applications.)
  • Oil Pump
  • New or Remanufactured Performance Oil Pump. Pumped volume increased over 15-20%
  • Gaskets . Seals . Bearings
  • All New Main, Rod and Cam bearings. Double-thrust Cam Bearings installed in all Performance Engines. German licensed manufacture. New Gaskets and Oil Seals are used throughout. BONUS ! We include the remainder of the complete engine gasket set with your engine to install the rest of your engine components.
  • Electronic Engine Balance
  • Is not included with this engine. It is available under OPTIONS & UPGRADES.
    Great insurance for extra longevity and super-smooth operation.
  • Additional Features
  • You can 'Add' or 'Upgrade' more through 'OPTIONS' below.
    .. Before Delivery
    BEFORE DELIVERY ! WE INSTALL IT BEFORE YOU DO! ... WE TEST RUN IT BEFORE YOU DO! Every one of our Engines produced for an Air-cooled Volkswagen or Porsche 914 is Test Run in our custom Test-Cell before it leaves the plant. It is tested for compression, oil leaks, oil pressure, etc., etc., etc. When it passes this strict testing, it is labeled "ATC" ...."AVAILABLE to the CUSTOMER". It's just like we put it in our car before you put it in yours. This extensive testing and extra time insures your quality product is without any possible flaws!
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